Saturday, October 08, 2011

Where have I been?

This is the view up above from a cable car over Loboc, Bohol. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rusty Lopez

I had these sandals for two years now. =) A good buy from Rusty Lopez at P199.00.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little feet

My sister absolutely loves her Duralite shoes. They're very affordable at a discounted price of P99.00 only and so we bought two pairs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Janeo Shoes

I don't usually wear this pair. I bought this at SM Manila Department Store and the reason why I bought this is because I love the design and it was currently on sale! Janeo Shoes have really great designs but I don't like the quality that much. The material used in this pair is a little too hard and it gave me blisters on my first use. But I should not be complaining 'coz I bought this pair last year at less than P300.00. =)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tro Peak

Tro Peak Sandals: His in Raftriver and Hers in Yamuna

These pairs are at the shore of Paras Beach Resort, Camiguin.

We used these sandals throughout our Camiguin tour. It's very convenient to use this kind of footwear because you need not worry if they get wet. Just a simple tip, though: If you're going to the beach, remember to wash the sand off your feet before putting the straps on because the sand bits would create friction and might cause abrasions. Also, these sandals won't slip even when wet. It has good grips: both on your feet and on the ground.

Although I don't normally wear these sandals on ordinary days, I'm quite confident that I'm always ready for any outdoor (or outland) adventure because I have sturdy footwear on stand-by.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ferry Ride with Converse

These shoes are on a ferry boat going to Camiguin. My pair is in blue.

I had my first Converse shoes at 25 years old and my dad bought it for me. I never really liked these kinds of shoes because I prefer rubber shoes. I always thought that this kind (or brand) of shoes is only for display. But I was proved wrong. Converse is light and ultra comfortable and they're really great for travelling because they're not bulky. They're great for driving, too. 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Designer Items

Prada footwear retails for around $150 to $1000. If you are looking for prada shoes, it's better to check online first to get a glimpse of the lowest prices and design availability. I really find online shopping more convenient because I never have to leave the comforts of my home and there's on-time information whether the particular design that I want is on-stock and available.

Prada exudes exuberant simplicity. If you find it contradicting, yes, it is. But looking at their collection, you will understand what I exactly mean. Their designs are high-fashion made with top-quality materials without being over acting. Simple yet elegant. It's highly fashionable without compromising its usability.

I am actually drooling over Prada's Rope (Tan) Canvass printed tote. I think it looks good on me! But it seems that it's currently sold out so I better check other designs. Their White Pebbled Deerskin Tote also caught my eye. The Cork Calfskin Framed Top is also a winner design. It's very great for working women and best paired with Prada's Sport Champagne Buckle Open-Toe Pumps or their Camel Patent Leather Platform Pumps.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your very own designer items from Prada today! Happy shopping!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Parisian - the HEARTBREAKER!

REPAIRED. I fall in love all over again even after the unfortunate incident. This pair is a heartbreaker!
These purple Parisian wedges are perfect. Honestly, it was love at first sight. Little did I know that it would play a very important part in one of the most memorable moments of my life. Read my post about it here.

my ensemble for the oath taking ceremony
Right now, I have repaired these shoes but I just don't have the courage to use them again. I'm scared that it would disintegrate again. Oh well, I should buy myself a pair that's accurate for the size of my feet. Maybe I have wide feet, that's why all my open-toe shoes break easily.

Anyway, I saw some open-toe Grendha flats at Gaisano Mall a week ago. I am not really into buying new shoes right now. I have a hard time storing them. And honestly, I have shoes that are just accumulating dust due to non-usage.

Why do women have so many shoes? And why do women have so many bags? It's because women have so many clothes! Then why do women have so many clothes? ...Because they are women! Enough said.

Welcome to the Nurses' World

If you are looking for resources where to buy cheap scrubs, then you've come to the right place. I have just checked out Blue Sky Scrubs and currently, some of their products from the children's and men's line are on sale!

It's not easy being a nurse. Being a top producer of nurses, it is very hard to look for nursing jobs here in the Philippines because of competition. Most nurses here are looking for jobs abroad. One of my aunt nurses is working in Saudi Arabia. Another aunt, an agriculturist, studied nursing just to increase her chance of getting a better job as a nurse in another country. I have a lot of friends who are registered nurses: some have gone and settled abroad to work, some have gone to foreign countries but returned home, some have just stayed here in our humble country to serve, some have work not related to their profession, and some have no work at all.

Those registered nurses who have no work find it hard to swallow that in this country, volunteer nurses are required to pay some hospitals just to let them volunteer. Weird, isn't it? A volunteer paying the beneficiary of his free services? That might sound as a joke to other countries but that remains true here in the Philippines.

Let me divert your attention a little bit. Want to see handmade and quality fabric turn into nursing uniforms? Check out beautiful scrubs for women at and you might find something suitable for you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Footwear Emergency

A pair of purple Parisian shoes on my feet, one size smaller than my actual size of 8, and then a hundred meters of walking.... The purple Parisian wedges disintegrated! The same thing that happened with my Primadonna shoes. Only this time, it was the outer side that got disarrayed.

Mighty Bond to the rescue.

Too bad I did not have the opportunity to take a photo of my shoes during that time. And fortunately, my boyfriend found a store selling mighty bond and he was able to fix my shoes in no time. Those Parisian shoes are now okay. But I don't think I'd be wearing it again in the near future. I could wear it though for home parties but not outside.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Do you buy shoes online?

I don't. Why? Because my shoe size changes with every brand.

I am not sure why. Maybe I change shoe sizes to achieve the level of comfort for my feet with every different style. My Nike rubber shoes are size 9. They are very comfortable for jogging. My black grendha flats are size 38 while my gold grendha pumps are size 37. When I bought those gold grendha pumps, I initially asked the salesperson for size 38 but when I tried it, the pair was very loose, they would literally fall off when I walk. I asked for the smaller size, instead.

My closed office shoes are size 4, kids size. =) My open toe pumps are generally size 8. Other fashion shoes are size 9.

I've ordered clothes and even swimsuits online but I don't want to risk ordering shoes which might turn out ill-fitting. Maybe one day I'd get over this fear. There are very nice footwear all over the globe and if I could just master the art of converting foot sizes then maybe I can start ordering shoes online.

Shoe size conversion chart was taken from

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disappointed by Primadonna

Got these shoes that I really really love from Primadonna: Open toe pumps in basic black. I was looking for exactly this kind of shoes when I stopped by SM City Davao and I swear it wasn't just bought on impulse: I had the exact design in my mind and these shoes fit perfectly!

However, after the second use, I noticed a slight deformation on the right shoe. It's sad that the shoes aren't sturdy. And sadder that this also comes in color grey which I actually planned of buying. Now I'm not so sure about Primadonna. I really like the style of their shoes and it's also not pricey. But I just hope that I could put some good use to what I bought, and that it the shoes wouldn't retire after only a few uses.

Shoes are designed for the feet and it is expected that it must be strong and sturdy enough for walking, not just for display.

I still love the shoes, though. The design, the heel, the comfort. But I guess I have to have it repaired first before I could use it again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I bought Florsheim Shoes for P800.00

It's  not a joke. I got a pair two pairs of Florsheim shoes for P800.00 each. How did I do it? Read on.

I was at Gaisano South this afternoon looking for a pair of sandals to be used by Grace for her First Communion tomorrow. I was, naturally, at the kids' section. I came across Florsheim Kids and they advertised their 50% off promotion.

I was shocked that the kids' section carry bigger sizes, big enough to fit my size 8 feet. I bought two pairs (with the same style). One for me and one for my mom who will be celebrating her birthday soon. It's an advanced birthday gift for her. Although there are lesser choices here than buying in the ladies' section, these styles for kids do well with me since I've switched to flat shoes and "low" heels.

Even with a tight budget, I hurriedly decided to buy the shoes. Florsheim is one of my dream shoes, not to mention that I've tried a pair at their branch in SM City Davao only to be dismayed at its P6,000+ price tag. Florsheim  shoes are really very comfortable to wear, I could let go my dream of having Crocs because I already have a pair of Florsheim shoes!

Who wouldn't want to own Florsheim for just P800.00? Now you know how to own one!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Medical Ensemble

My chiropractor specifically recommended Crocs Footwear. It has been over a year since he told me to buy a pair but I didn't. Not because I did not like crocs but because the style I wanted is no longer in stock. There were a few pieces left of the Alice ruby model but it did not carry my shoe size.

Anyway, Crocs was the craze in the footwear industry but I personally think that they are best worn by medical practitioners: nurses and doctors alike. Doctors in their wrinkle-free white medical lab coats might dismiss the idea of wearing Crocs but when they are in their scrub suits, Crocs are the best. Some hospitals provide unique scrubs for their medical team depending on which department they belong, while others base it on seniority. I have yet to see a member of the medical team wearing scrub hats but maybe it's because I have never been in the operating room before.

When you buy a set of scrubs, whether simple or not, bear in mind that it has to be soft and comfortable but sturdy enough to meet the demands of your work. And don't forget to match your scrub uniforms with comfortable shoes, preferably those with support.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Best foot socks

Can you tell that i'm wearing socks in that picture?

I was actually wearing "foot socks." That's how it is called in the Philippine market. Other names include "foot cover". They're made of light and thin but durable material, imagine a thicker version of stockings.

Below you can see how the foot sock was positioned so that it doesn't show off when I'm wearing my Grendha flats. I have spent four years in college with really bad foot socks (the ones they sell at NCCC Express in Ateneo) which sometimes have leopard designs. Four years after graduating from college, it was then that I discovered Burlington's foot socks and they're just great if you prefer wearing shoes which show toe cleavage. It's also a plus that this brand has innovated to put some anti-slip properties in the ankle part so that the foot cover would stay in place.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good style, good attitude

Dressing for any occasion doesn't require you to have the skills of a rocket scientist. Just mix and match everything that's in your closet. Dressing is fun specially for girls. However, women sometimes get a little bit tired of dressing up. Do you notice that sometimes, even a high-fashion girl you know would sometimes play it down and don a lifeless casual ensemble?

Your clothing speaks of your personality. A sloppy attire could fail you at your job interview. That's how discriminating this world could be: judging people based on their looks. But that's not at all bad. I'm not telling you to get overdressed. You can still have your lax days but don't forget to add a little bit of spice in everything. A casual white t-shirt and short pants go well with bcbg shoes. You can opt for pink jelly flats that's not only good for your posture but also sends out an "i-can-be-simple-yet-gorgeous" vibe. If you want to send out an even stronger statement, they have suede or leather boots which are so good in keeping you warm while you stroll.

It's not unusual for girls to have night-outs or dinner dates after working hours. For days like these (think: Friday), go for pieces that can easily transform you from an office chick to a dazzling damsel. Go for pretty knee-length dresses and cover with a formal blazer. The blazer is for the office which you can take off later for dinner or parties. Invest in pieces which last a long time and could be paired with what you already have. Try bcbg. Their style is updated and fashionable without compromising quality and comfort. In an interview with a news anchor, it was mentioned that nowadays, open-toe high heels are acceptable in the corporate world. So, take this cue. Unless it is otherwise stated in your office manual, you should be able to wear these to zest your office aura.

Bcbg. "Bon chic, bon genre." It is a french phrase which translates in english as "good style, good attitude." Show the world the kind of person that you are. Send a message. Be what you want to be.