Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tro Peak

Tro Peak Sandals: His in Raftriver and Hers in Yamuna

These pairs are at the shore of Paras Beach Resort, Camiguin.

We used these sandals throughout our Camiguin tour. It's very convenient to use this kind of footwear because you need not worry if they get wet. Just a simple tip, though: If you're going to the beach, remember to wash the sand off your feet before putting the straps on because the sand bits would create friction and might cause abrasions. Also, these sandals won't slip even when wet. It has good grips: both on your feet and on the ground.

Although I don't normally wear these sandals on ordinary days, I'm quite confident that I'm always ready for any outdoor (or outland) adventure because I have sturdy footwear on stand-by.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, sis! How much is Raftriver and where did you buy it? Thanks