Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye Stilettos?

Visiting my chiropractor with my high-heeled boots was wrong. Well, wrong for my dozens of high heels but right for my back. I have invested with a lot of high heels and I don't even know how to walk on flat shoes but my chiropractor said that wearing high heels is bad for my back. I'm suffering from scoliosis and the best way to ease my back pain is to follow my doctor's advice.

So, I "donated" most of my high-heeled shoes, saving only a couple of pairs for formal occasions.

Then I discovered GRENDHA!

My chiropractor suggested Crocs but I'm not really a fan of that brand. I instead looked for another functional pair of flats that wouldn't hurt my back and wouldn't hurt my wallet as well. I used my first pair of Grendha shoes almost everyday but I was not disappointed. Unlike other shoes, Grendha did not lose its shape. And it's also very sturdy. It's such a great buy!