Friday, May 27, 2011

Parisian - the HEARTBREAKER!

REPAIRED. I fall in love all over again even after the unfortunate incident. This pair is a heartbreaker!
These purple Parisian wedges are perfect. Honestly, it was love at first sight. Little did I know that it would play a very important part in one of the most memorable moments of my life. Read my post about it here.

my ensemble for the oath taking ceremony
Right now, I have repaired these shoes but I just don't have the courage to use them again. I'm scared that it would disintegrate again. Oh well, I should buy myself a pair that's accurate for the size of my feet. Maybe I have wide feet, that's why all my open-toe shoes break easily.

Anyway, I saw some open-toe Grendha flats at Gaisano Mall a week ago. I am not really into buying new shoes right now. I have a hard time storing them. And honestly, I have shoes that are just accumulating dust due to non-usage.

Why do women have so many shoes? And why do women have so many bags? It's because women have so many clothes! Then why do women have so many clothes? ...Because they are women! Enough said.

Welcome to the Nurses' World

If you are looking for resources where to buy cheap scrubs, then you've come to the right place. I have just checked out Blue Sky Scrubs and currently, some of their products from the children's and men's line are on sale!

It's not easy being a nurse. Being a top producer of nurses, it is very hard to look for nursing jobs here in the Philippines because of competition. Most nurses here are looking for jobs abroad. One of my aunt nurses is working in Saudi Arabia. Another aunt, an agriculturist, studied nursing just to increase her chance of getting a better job as a nurse in another country. I have a lot of friends who are registered nurses: some have gone and settled abroad to work, some have gone to foreign countries but returned home, some have just stayed here in our humble country to serve, some have work not related to their profession, and some have no work at all.

Those registered nurses who have no work find it hard to swallow that in this country, volunteer nurses are required to pay some hospitals just to let them volunteer. Weird, isn't it? A volunteer paying the beneficiary of his free services? That might sound as a joke to other countries but that remains true here in the Philippines.

Let me divert your attention a little bit. Want to see handmade and quality fabric turn into nursing uniforms? Check out beautiful scrubs for women at and you might find something suitable for you.