Monday, March 28, 2011

Do you buy shoes online?

I don't. Why? Because my shoe size changes with every brand.

I am not sure why. Maybe I change shoe sizes to achieve the level of comfort for my feet with every different style. My Nike rubber shoes are size 9. They are very comfortable for jogging. My black grendha flats are size 38 while my gold grendha pumps are size 37. When I bought those gold grendha pumps, I initially asked the salesperson for size 38 but when I tried it, the pair was very loose, they would literally fall off when I walk. I asked for the smaller size, instead.

My closed office shoes are size 4, kids size. =) My open toe pumps are generally size 8. Other fashion shoes are size 9.

I've ordered clothes and even swimsuits online but I don't want to risk ordering shoes which might turn out ill-fitting. Maybe one day I'd get over this fear. There are very nice footwear all over the globe and if I could just master the art of converting foot sizes then maybe I can start ordering shoes online.

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