Monday, January 31, 2011

Best foot socks

Can you tell that i'm wearing socks in that picture?

I was actually wearing "foot socks." That's how it is called in the Philippine market. Other names include "foot cover". They're made of light and thin but durable material, imagine a thicker version of stockings.

Below you can see how the foot sock was positioned so that it doesn't show off when I'm wearing my Grendha flats. I have spent four years in college with really bad foot socks (the ones they sell at NCCC Express in Ateneo) which sometimes have leopard designs. Four years after graduating from college, it was then that I discovered Burlington's foot socks and they're just great if you prefer wearing shoes which show toe cleavage. It's also a plus that this brand has innovated to put some anti-slip properties in the ankle part so that the foot cover would stay in place.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good style, good attitude

Dressing for any occasion doesn't require you to have the skills of a rocket scientist. Just mix and match everything that's in your closet. Dressing is fun specially for girls. However, women sometimes get a little bit tired of dressing up. Do you notice that sometimes, even a high-fashion girl you know would sometimes play it down and don a lifeless casual ensemble?

Your clothing speaks of your personality. A sloppy attire could fail you at your job interview. That's how discriminating this world could be: judging people based on their looks. But that's not at all bad. I'm not telling you to get overdressed. You can still have your lax days but don't forget to add a little bit of spice in everything. A casual white t-shirt and short pants go well with bcbg shoes. You can opt for pink jelly flats that's not only good for your posture but also sends out an "i-can-be-simple-yet-gorgeous" vibe. If you want to send out an even stronger statement, they have suede or leather boots which are so good in keeping you warm while you stroll.

It's not unusual for girls to have night-outs or dinner dates after working hours. For days like these (think: Friday), go for pieces that can easily transform you from an office chick to a dazzling damsel. Go for pretty knee-length dresses and cover with a formal blazer. The blazer is for the office which you can take off later for dinner or parties. Invest in pieces which last a long time and could be paired with what you already have. Try bcbg. Their style is updated and fashionable without compromising quality and comfort. In an interview with a news anchor, it was mentioned that nowadays, open-toe high heels are acceptable in the corporate world. So, take this cue. Unless it is otherwise stated in your office manual, you should be able to wear these to zest your office aura.

Bcbg. "Bon chic, bon genre." It is a french phrase which translates in english as "good style, good attitude." Show the world the kind of person that you are. Send a message. Be what you want to be.